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The foundation of success in physican publishing is the ever-enduring
patient-physician relationship

Write for 100 people or a million. Your book or other communications tool will reach your target. All you need to do is base your words on your conviction that people need and want to hear what you have to say and give them information or entertainment in return for their vote of confidence.

Your patients trust you. You can build on that trust by writing a book that will help them cope with their health and lifestyle problems. From diabetes to multiple schlerosis, from seasonal allergies to prostate cancer, when the doctor writes about it, people pay attention.

Patients and friends admire you. Tell about your adventures on an Antarctic vacation or a medical trip to sub-Saharan Africa. Tell the story of your struggle through medical school or invite them to participate in effective programs that promote good health. Share your dreams for a healthier world. Or your gripes about the one where you live.

Your patients and the communities you serve need you. The world is clogged with faulty information about health and disease. You are in a position to guide your patients through the maze and lead them to better understanding of what's good for them. No other profession comes close to approaching the level of trust you already have with your prospective readers. Use it wisely, and both you and your reading population will benefit.

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You can choose from a wide variety of top quality design services associated with our physician publishing services. These include web design, brochure and poster design, book and newsletter design, and logo design. All design projects are one-on-one with an award-winning West Coast designer. We never use templates.

We also offer custom-designed packages for virtually every communication need, including CD and DVD production, audio tapes, group presentations, and business reports.

We don't try to do everything ourselves, and neither should you. We choose the best, and you receive the benefits.

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